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S.O.S.: Open LDAP and CIFS

Question asked by sunfriend on Nov 28, 2007

We have and alfresco comunity edition 2.1.0 deployed on a suse linux runnning in a jvm 5.0 and JBoss 4.0.5.GA
Say hostA!.

We have another suse linux running Open LDAP and Samba services.
Samba is configured as a PDC and also uses LDAP for authentication.
The LDAP database stores information in PLAIN format ("no MD5 hashes uses").
Say HostB!.
We have access to the cifs server, it works!.

Alfresco in hostA also let's you log in if you use the web interface.
The web loging process works fine and the users and groups come from the LDAP source.
Tested OK!.

CIFS Alfresco HostA is configured to do a passthru auth against HostB.
In file "file-servers-custom.xml" we have

   <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Filesystem Security" replace="true">
      <authenticator type="passthru">
         <Server>"HostB IP"</Server>

A collegue told me that this features works fine in v2.0
Unfortunately in our Alfresco 2.1.0, CIFS refuses to work.

Any help would be appreciated,