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Advanced search: Looking for custom space/content property

Question asked by sergi.l on Feb 27, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2009 by sergi.l
Hi everyone,

I have defined my custom spaces with their curstom properties and the same for the content.
That's to say, Alfresco will store a folder/content structure like:

- A main custom "folderA" folder with a custom property called "code".
- This main folder will contain several custom folders (folderB) for the same code with the properties:
     - "Code" custom property that will be equal to the parent.
     - "Type" custom property that will identify each folder of this level.
- A set of images will be stored within the folderB and each one will show these properties:
     - "Code": custom property with the same value than the parent.
     - "Type": custom property with the same value than the parent.
     - "Source": custom property. This property is unique for the content.

After creating this structure with several images, I want to allow the users to look for these folders and content. So I'll specify an additional advanced search to look for the three properties of my folders/content (Code, Type or Source).
How can I allow the user to look for folders or content with "Code" equals to "123"?? Is it possible to retrieve the content and folders that fullfil with this criteria?

The problem is that the search properties are linked to content or folder properties. And we can't add two "Type" properties to allow the user to look for the content equal to this type or folder equal to this type. We want to retrieve all the elements with this property equal to the searched field (content or folders).
Another option would be to show my custom advanced search properties according if the user is looking for folders or content. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance!