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WCM startup?

Question asked by mvlach on Nov 28, 2007
Hi all,

I spent more time with alfresco, but I dont know how to start doing my job. Problem is:

I have the cutted design (XHTML + CSS) and I would like to create editable pages throught Alfresco.

On the HomePage of the new web i have some section (products, news, menu, …) and I don't know, how to assembly the final page from the multiple XML sources and templates.

Let's imagine, the template looks like that:

  <!– headers –>
   <!– some help fragments –>
   <!– here put the rendered content of menu –>

   <!– here put the rendered content of mainpage.xml –>

   <!– here put the rendered content of 3 news from news.xml –>

I down know how to begin….

Is possible to run template processing like that ?:

<sometag:processTemplate "sometemplate.ftl" data="some.xml" />


Thanks Mila