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Alfresco JSR-168 Portlets and IE incompatibility

Question asked by icarrara on Nov 28, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2007 by icarrara
I installed Alfresco ECM War V.2.1 under Tomcat running Liferay Portal V.4.3.2 to use the Alfresco JSR-168 Portlets (MySpaces and My Documents).

The problem is that no one of the Alfresco's portlets are ready for Microsoft Internet Explorer. I tested IE V.6 and V.7 under Win 98, Xp Pro, 2003 Server.

I can use the portlets only using Mozilla Firefox under Linux Fedora and Windows Xp or 2003 Server.

The portlets views the static layout but no contents of the folders are viewed… I can see only the little rounding circle but no contents at all … At the bottom of the Internet Browser there is an error message.

Please, there is someone that resolved this prblem?

Thank you for any help!!

Ivano Carrara