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security violation on simple work flow scenario

Question asked by federico.tesei on Nov 28, 2007
Hi to all,

I'm experiencing a 'strange' behaviour at least from my point of view
about security permissions on spaces and roles.
Below is the detailed scenario of failure.
The big question is this:
I can't move a content from a source space to a destination space even if I(my group) has been invited with 
collaborator role on both spaces.
I can not explain why I get a security violation.
The user that get the security violation is not the content creator but his group should have grant to
to succeed moving.
The only user that succeed is admin.
I do not realize Where I'm mistaken.

thanks for your help


My set-up

Alfresco 2.1+ WCM on JBOSS 4.2 GA


I' ve defined three spaces:

[space] Collector
[space] Draft
[space] Pending approval

Two groups

<group> providers
<group> editor

two user

Paolo belonging to providers
Alice belonging to editor

then I invite <group>providers with contributor role on [space]Collector
              <group>providers with contributor role on [space]Draft

              <group>editor with collaborator role on [space]Draft
              <group>editor with collaborator role on [space]Pending approval

Simple work flow business rule 'load' action on [space]Collector to move on [space]Draft
Simple work flow business rule 'request approval' on [space]Draft to move on d[space]Pending approval

>login as Paolo
> add/create content X 
>'load' action on  X content
++ content X moved to [space]Draft from [space]Collector
>logout as Paolo
>login as Alice
>'request approval' on X
++ fail with the message 'Failed to approve the document due to system error: Access Denied. You do not have the

appropriate permissions to perform this operation.'