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Alfresco for my company, is it a good choice ?!?

Question asked by flysurfing2 on Nov 29, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2009 by parveenh
Dear all,

My company need a solution to host file online for our customer.

Here a description of my company and what we need:

A / My company is a factory, we produce consumer goods.

1/ We have around 50 international client.
2/ We often need to send them large illustrator files (150 - 200mo) and give them information (PDF)

This takes a lot of time, a cost us a lot of money (International DHL sending).

B / I would like so to create a website:

On this website:

- I would like to have a common folder to store pdf, for all our client (everybody can see it)

- Then a folder, for each of your client, that contains private customer information (specific customer files)
  Such as Documents, Pictures
  So only the concerned customer should be able to see his folder.

C/ Webhosting

1/ I would like to host it on a fast server (maybe hosted solution)

What we need is something very simple, not a complex interface.

Do you think that we can do that with Alfresco ?

Thanks a lot for your answer.