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Extending the ImporterService

Question asked by mohantya on Mar 1, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2009 by mohantya
I want to extend importerservice so that it takes care of all the version of a particular node. Current ACP importer /exporter just takes the latest version of the document . I am usinng alfresco 3.0.

The idea is to extend the ImporterService by having a refernece to VersionService which does not exist today. Is it the right approach.

As all I am trying to do is migrating my old scm to alfresco in a very efficient way. There are 2 ideas that I am palying arond with -

1. Create files and folders in OS directly in a way that I want my new repository. Just update the metadata using node services directly.

2. Extend the ACP importer and just create acp from old repository. I need to extend ACP because currently it does not handle versions.

Can somebody please throw some light on the thought process.