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Using Alfresco as document storage (document-oriented DBMS)

Question asked by localstorm on Mar 1, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2009 by localstorm
Hello, everybody!

I'm a newbie in Alfresco, but one serious guy have told me that Alfresco seems to be something I really looking for. So, what I'm looking for? I'm looking for a some kind of a database to store documents. But I'm not a business person, but a software engineer. As for me, it is very useful to have robust and ready-to-go solution to store documents like RDBMS to store normalized data structures. I don't really need any collaboration features, network drives, and so on. I need to deploy somewhere such content repository and to have API (like JDBC, for example) to communicate with such repository.

So, I've spent some time to inestigate what Alfresco is, and some API seems to be quite Ok, but is it possible to deploy content repository separately from all other pieces of software that I don't need at the moment? Of cource, if our customers are looking for some kind of ECM, we'll suggest them to use full installation of Alfresco, but in some cases they don't need it.

Thank you for any helpful responses ;)