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OpenOffice wite-permissions

Question asked by datawuppi on Mar 2, 2009
Hi everybody.
I have a problem with OpenOffice. It needs write-permission for the temporary-folder created by alfresco starting up. But alfresco gives -rw-r–r– permissions to this folder, so OpenOffice has to be the same user as alfresco/tomcat. This means OpenOffice can write everywhere, where alfresco/tomcat can write (for example the repository or the webapps-folder or tomcat-files or etc.). As OpenOffice listening on localhost:8100 everybody logged on the machine can talk to OpenOffice. For example write something somewhere, where OpenOffice has write-permissions.  :shock: *redalert*
Okay, this is the current state of my knowlege. And I think the question is mostly clear:
How can I set write-permissions for a group, of which tomcat and OpenOffice are the only members, to this folder, and only this folder (for security its not perfect, but much better then now). A big problem for the solution is, that i'm of service in a few weeks, so fiddling with the deployed webapp is not an option, because it will probably updated from a person, not knowing, what he does, probably destroing those modifications. so only changes in the extension-folder and operating-system are avaible.
I'm using alfresco 3labs on Debian stable.

PS: Sorry for my bad english, as i had only two cups of coffee until now.