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how to configure Deployment?

Question asked by xexiz on Nov 29, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2007 by kvc
Hello! I found some configuration in alfresco files to configure the Deployment but, I can't find THE spot where we can define the Deployment target. I'm running Alfresco 2.1 with the Web Content Management, but i would like to deploy the websites to the same server but.. in another Apache instance. So, alfresco is started, virtual-tomcat is started, AND tomcat 6 is started on 8081. Now.. do I have to configure this new tomcat Instance to listen (RMI port i think) of all the configuration has to be done directly in the alfresco extension custom properties files? (shared/classes/alfresco/extension)

tomcat (alfresco)
virtual-tomcat (wcm)
cda-tomcat/webapps (brand new clean tomcat 6… the target I would like to deploy my websites)


By the way, is there something on the wiki about this? Because the only thing I found is explaining where is the default config of RMI port..