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Search and language

Question asked by jumpm7 on Mar 2, 2009
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I already posted this argument on different group ( see ), but I could not solve the problem. Then I saw this forum and I hope this may be the rigth place.
Well, some mounths ago we installed Alfresco (v 2.1). At the beginning we didn't care about language and we had both English as Italian. Due to not perfect configuration the users at logon, had the default English and therefore had to change every time on Italian language. The result is that mostly the users connect via Italian option but sometimes with english too. Now we discovered that the objects added in one language are not searchable in the other…. :o  I understood that is related with "locale" and lucene configuration. Now I set to force Italian at logon, what we need is produce query results of all the stored objects. I think suold be a way to "convert" ( sorry it's not the rigth term but it gives and idea) alle the objects in one single lancuage (that is: italian). Or may there is another way to solve this little mess.

Thanks al lot for your help