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CMIS Query and custom properties

Question asked by josekdiz on Mar 2, 2009
Latest reply on May 5, 2009 by openpj
Hi everybody,

I have created a custom model, and now I'm trying to perform queries CMIS SQL to find custom contents.
This is the query I have performed:

SELECT myModel_customProperty
   FROM myModel_customContentType
   WHERE (IN_TREE('myFolder'));

This query works, but now I want to find custom contents with the property in the where clause. These are
the queries that I performed, but both of them do not work:

   FROM myModel_customContentType
   WHERE (IN_TREE('myFolder') AND (myModel_customProperty = 'x'));

   FROM myModel_customContentType
   WHERE (IN_TREE('myFolder') AND (myModel_customProperty LIKE 'x'));

Can any one help me? I have not found so much information about CQL queries, just in CMIS standard.

Thanks in advance,