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Using transparent layers

Question asked by hbf on Nov 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2008 by kevinr
Hi all,

I know that transparent layers are currently implemented only for the AVM store. For part of an application I need exactly this functionality and am willing for this to store some content in a AVM store while the main content is in the normal store.

The content I need to store are NOT documents; rather, I have a hierarchy (folder, "files") where the files point to other documents (from a normal store) and might contain an additional text property or so. Basically, I need an admin interface to create transparent copies of folder hierarchies!

As I have not found any information on either the forum nor the wiki, I'd be very glad to receive answers to the following questions:

1. AVM supports transparent layers, with all operations described on the wiki page for transparent layers, right?

2. Just to clarify: The AVM Node Service API does not mention "transparent layer" at all, but deleteNode(), for example, is a transparent delete, assuming the underlying node comes from a transparent copy. Correct?

3. The Web Client's GUI for Web Projects uses transparent layers behind the scenes but does not offer a GUI to peform operations like "transparent copy", "transparent rename", etc. explicitly. Is this correct?

4. So if I have an AVM store, it currently comes without GUI support, right?

5. Can a association from an AVM node point to a node from the normal store? (If not, I'd have to save the nodeRef as a string, I guess.)

Many thanks for a reply.