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Alfresco not picking up CAS authentication.

Question asked by on Nov 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2008 by kevinr
We are trying to get CAS 3.0.5 and Alfresco 2.1 working; Alfresco is deployed as a portlet under Liferay 4.3.3. Alfresco seems not to be picking up CAS authentication, treating otherwise authenticated users, when it is running as a portlet (this problem does not manifest when Alfresco is loaded as a webapp in an iframe).

At present, CAS and Alfresco are getting different tickets (CAS: ST-3-WE2SwwL0njJn4fso1XDQedVWH5Kyf1cBKJy-20 and Alfresco:  TICKET_8d90c57fcf50c3a531d357362e62f03ba00a93ce). (This may or may not be the problem.)

Have other people tried to get CAS and Alfresco working under these conditions? Do you have any advice on getting Alfresco to recognize when CAS has authenticated a user?