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FileContentStore fileinfo and multiple rootdir

Question asked by blackbetty on Dec 1, 2007

i have analyse the FileContentStore class and there are some missing feature a CMS needs (i think so)
First: There is only one rootdir and all data will store under this rootdir (mountpoint).
If this filesystem is big > 1TB and it will be corrupt or someone has delete by "rm-r .*" the data, you have a big problem to recover the data from tape.
Isn't it better to have a pool of datastore you have mount on separate mountpoints.
Than you can write the data with a simple roundrobin algorithm or to the mountpoint with the most free space. Is there no more space left you can add new filesystems to the pool and remove the full filesystems from the pool.
If there is only one filesystem corrupt, the recovery will be more easier than with only one mountpoint.

Second: The FileContentStore Class has no information about the file you will store at the time alfresco requests the URL to store the file.
I need some more information at this time about the file (Type of file or size of File).
With this information alfresco can find the best place to store the file.
If it is a big file, alfresco can store it to a filesystem which is format with big blocksize or to a cheaper SATA Storage than to a expensive FibreChannel Storate.

What do you think about it