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Impossible installation

Question asked by fandresmo on Dec 3, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2007 by steve

I am looking for a nice ECM system and found Alfresco as well as KnowledgeTree. I am testing both of them in order to get them into production. I managed to install and lunch KT under Tomcat 6.0 and MySQL 5.0 on Windows XP, but I am completely lost on Alfresco lunching.

I have tried to install Community edition by using the tomcat bundle and by using the WAR file but none of them seems to work.

To use the Tomcat bundle, I de-installed my Tomcat 6.0 in order to avoid conflicts with the Tomcat 5.5 zipped in the bundled, but I just got some errors on the launch screen.

I also tried to load the WAR file into my Tomcat 6.0 from the Administrator Web Page, but when I try to launch it, just receive a message: ERROR - It couldn't be launched the application in context trajectory /alfresco …. however, when I checked MySQL, I saw a full alfresco database created (I dont know if PROPERLY created)

I dont have installed OpenOffice and perhaps it is a must or something. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.

Could someone help me with a check list to install Alfresco since I followed all steps on README file