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Custom details view

Question asked by sergi.l on Mar 3, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2009 by trelofysikos
Hi all,

I have already defined my custom model and I'm currently storing several images in my spaces' structure.
Each item (space or content) belongs to my custom types with their custom properties (aspects).

When I browse to the one of my spaces I can see the custom properties through "View details action". Is it possible to show the space custom properties as a default view without browsing to the details action?
How could I create my custom view to show this information that is not provided with "Icon view", "details view", "browse view"? Do I have to create my custom freemarker script? Can I extend the previous views?
Is it possible to extend the "details view" to show in columns my custom properties? I need to be able to sort the data through the custom properties instead of showing and sorting by description, created date and modified date columns.

Thank you. Regards,