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[SOLVED] Loop problem with permissionService on 2.1.1 E

Question asked by ribz33 on Dec 4, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2007 by ribz33

i did my own dynamicAuthority : ConfidentialDynamicAuthority, so i overrided permissionServiceImpl in my custom-public-services-security-context.

ConfidentialDynamicAuthority referenced ConfidentialService which reference nodeService, dictionnaryService and permissionService like this :

<bean id="ConfidentialService" class="….">
  <property name="nodeService">
     <ref bean="NodeService" />
  <property name="dictionnaryService">
     <ref bean="DictionnaryService" />
  <property name="permissionService">
     <ref bean="PermissionService" />

this was working with 2.1 community, but with 2.1.1 Enterprise permissionService can't be create because "FactoryBean is not fully initialized yet"
This is normal because i have a loop: permissionService –> permissionServiceImpl –> ConfidentialDynamicAuthority –> ConfidentialService –> permissionService

Have you an idea how i can solve this ? I dont understand why this was working on 2.1 community ?

Thx in advance.