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Search with logical terms

Question asked by kulens on Dec 4, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2009 by showky
It seems that there is a problem with combining search terms and logical operators. For example, I would like to retrieve all documents containing "test1" and "test2".

"test1 and test2"; I got a list of documents, but it seems that the search-engine doesn't include the logical operator. Instead it readers the query as "term1 or and or term2" => I got all the documents containing "test1" or "test2" and even "and"!

"test1 AND test2": This results in an error! It seems that the search-engine within Alfresco can't parse the "AND"

"+test1 +test2": this seems to do the job, but the users aren't aware of this syntax!

So my question, what's going wrong? Users expect to use AND, OR and NOT, but it seems that the system can't handle this! In fact, the user may assume he got the answer to the question, but it's incorrect. Does somebody know a solution to this problem?