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Alfresco & DocBook

Question asked by snunez on Mar 4, 2009
I revived an old thread on Alfresco & DocBook in the CM forum, but thought it might be good to ask over here too.

We're looking to use DocBook for our markup, both for websites and corporate documents (technical documentation and proposals).

The websites will use an XSLT to produce XHTML-strict and the other documentation standard DocBook transformations.

Has anyone done this before? The XSDs and XSLT for DocBook (version 5) are complex, and I'm wondering how well the WebForms digest the XSDs, if at all.

Finally, does anyone happen to have a XSLT that goes from DocBook 'article' to XHTML-strict (off topic, but worth asking while I'm here).

    - SteveN