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user groups and roles

Question asked by federico.tesei on Dec 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2008 by priyanka.nayak
Hi I've a puzzling result from my test in the simple scenario detailed below.

My comprehension of Alfresco Security model is that two user belonging to the same group invited to the same space has the same capabilities on the content in that space regardless from who has created it.

The sequence attached below seem to make me mistaken.

I miss some stuff ?

Any pointer or explanation of this 'strange' behaviour an how I can circumvent this prolem?

thanks to all



I've  with admin role
> defined two spaces ( 'Collector' and 'Draft' )
> defined a group 'GROUP_Contributors'
> invited  'GROUP_Contributors' with Alfresco 'Contributor role' on both 'Collector' and 'Draft' spaces
> added two user, contributor1 and contributor2 in 'GROUP_Contributors'
> defined a simple workflow action to move from Collector to Draft

I  can  successfully
> login as contributor1
> go to Collector
> create a ContentX in Collector
> move ContentX to Draft through the simple work flow action
> logout

can't succesfully
>login as contributor1
> go to Collector
> create a contentY in Collector
> login as contributor2
> go to Collector
> moving  Content Y to Draf through workflow action I get
Failed to approve the document due to system error: Access Denied. You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation.