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Run Upload file in The BackGround

Question asked by arunkr85 on Mar 4, 2009
Hi ,

     We have an activeX control which shows some graph with the values it got from an XML File. I was able to integrate it in the webclient by putting an new action menu and redirect it to a new dialog named viewgraph dialog.The activeX ocntrol takes the repository path of the xml file and renders it.
After that Our activex control  allows to change the values of the graph ,as a result the graph also got changed.  What i want is to upload the new xml file containing the new values to the server.
  I know the update file functionality provided by alfresco is similar , But it works with the uploader control which  uploads the file. Instead what i need is when i click on the OK(finish) button of my new dialog i want to update the existing file with the new one.
ie , the Update file should run in backgroud . Is there any way to do this .
  Pls help me.