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Alfresco application automatic generation : a MDA approach

Question asked by jck on Dec 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2008 by bch
BlueXML just released a free (gratis) version of its graphical editor to configure Alfresco, based on Eclipse. Go and download it at

This tool permits to generate automatically Alfresco applications from UML models.

UML diagrams are converted in the following way :
* class diagram => type and aspect definition, all template and configuration files are generated
* workflow diagram => advanced jBPM workflows generated
* security diagrams => access controls generated for each group according context

These automatic generations permits to be very, very, more productive than configuration file edition by hand for types, aspects, workflows, templates, …

Moreover, the use of UML permits to increase reuse and make evolution a lot easier.

Jean-Christophe Kermagoret
Ingénieur BlueXML
MDA Alfresco Générateur