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Copy To.. creates duplicate folders within folders

Question asked by fernandoe on Mar 4, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2009 by mikeh
Hi all,

When I hover over a folder, and perform a Copy To.. action on it, it sometimes does so successfully, but creates duplicates of the subfolders within it. For example, within folder A, there's a folder B. When I copy folder A, the new Folder A now contains two B's.

Our log files don't spell anything out for us. The duplicate folders only appear within the Share portal; accessing the same folders from WebDAV shows only the single 'B' folder, without it's evil 'B' doppelganger (sorry, I've been wrestling with this all day :-) ).

The same duplicate subfolder situation was discovered in IE 7, and was replicated on my PC running FF3. We're running Labs 3 Stable.

Anyone else experience this, or any ideas on what might be causing this?