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LDAP Configuration

Question asked by on Dec 5, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2007 by schneika
  I have an alfresco server running on CentOS 5.  I would like to be able to integrate alfresco using LDAP to our Active Directory on the same network.  I have reviewed the online documentation from the following sources.

But i am still unable to piece together all of the pieces needed for this.  I have configured the ldap-authentication-context.xml file.  But the alfresco log files does not seam to tell me if my configuration is valid or not.  But i am getting the following error

16:07:32,512 ERROR [org.alfresco.smb.protocol.auth] No valid CIFS authentication combination available
16:07:32,512 ERROR [org.alfresco.smb.protocol.auth] Either enable Kerberos support or use an authentication component that supports MD4 hashed passwords
16:07:32,514 ERROR [org.alfresco.smb.protocol] CIFS server configuration error, Invalid CIFS authenticator configuration
org.alfresco.error.AlfrescoRuntimeException: Invalid CIFS authenticator configuration

and I am unable to log into the alfresco interface using either the admin/admin combo or a valid username or password in the interface.  I checked the logs and see no errors about authentication.

Does someone have a HOWTO that can help me get my configuration working?  If more information is needed please let me know.