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Uninstall Labs 3 B Release, on Ubuntu 8.04.2

Question asked by garywong on Mar 5, 2009

We've got a semi-working Alfresco, and rather than trying to decipher what my predecessor did, I'd rather just make a clean start.  Are there instructions on uninstalling this product, in a way that is clean and will alow a subsequent install on the same machine?

There's no documention of what was done during the install, or even where the download came from.    I now have sudo access on the box and see a 'uninstall' file on /opt/alfresco, but nothing else that help.  BTW, this file is obviously not an uninstall script.

I looked at, but got no relevant hits on 'uninstall' or 'remove'.

BTW, one reason I want a reinstall is that it appears that derby is being used, but this box already has MySQL and so I want to use that.   Plus I want to know EXACTLY how it was installed, to better understand (and this time, document) the process.   :P