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Searching in-flight Workflow instances

Question asked by jayjayecl on Mar 5, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2009 by peglar
I have a strong need of building an UI for searching among workflow in-flight (or even completed) processes.
This search could, for example, be run about :
- Workflow native metadata , i.e statuses (On hold, cancelled etc …), priority etc …
- Workflow custom properties
I know about the workflow-console, but it cant be used by my customer, because it is not user-friendly enough. Moreover, you cannot run searches using this console.

So, here are the few questions I have :
- Are Workflow instances indexed by Lucene ?
- Are workflow instances viewable by the node browser ?
- I imagined a few scenarios for achieving my goal. What do you think of them :
a/ Modify Alfresco Search (and maybe Lucene indexing if processes are not indexed) and build a screen to display results about workflow instances
b/ Modify the Workflow Java classes so that whenever a workflow is started, a plain-txt file is automatically attached, and populated by the values of the tasks'properties. After each task, the file would be automatically updated with the pieces of info I need to search against. At the end of the process, the file is stored in a dedicated space.
c/ Build a webscript dedicated to workflow search. This will be very hard and expensive, but could be used in the future in a portal like Liferay.

Thank you