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Opening Excel and PPT via WebDAV using add-in

Question asked by tonytony on Dec 6, 2007
Latest reply on May 30, 2008 by invantix
I think I have a windows or IE configuration issue.

Using XP SP2 and Office 2003 SP2 and a very recent office add-in downloaded via SVN and IE 6.0

When I open a document in Word everything works as expected, it opens read-write in word via the webDAV protocal , the file locks, and I can save a changed document with the file unlocking and versioning working.

When I open a file in excel using the plugin it downloads the file using Internet Explorer and the http:protocal and originally opened read-only in the browser. Using a few registry tweaks, i got it to open in excel but again read only, with the add-in not recognizing the file as "managed by alfresco". I can open the file R/W via webdav, but the add-in is a little flaky. It will crash if I try to do versioning and it shows the file as locked but dosen't recogonize that I have the check-out version in excel.

PowerPoint has similar issues with excel, only it downloads via IE and opens up in PPT but only as a slide show, I cannot edit it at all.

I think this is a IE configuration issue, but haven't figured out how to fix.

Thank for your time.