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Prevent Rule Triggering if document name begins with '~'

Question asked by snave on Dec 6, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2007 by snave
Working in the CIFS. MS Word saves temp files when you edit a word document and save. I also have an Inbound Rule set on the space that sends an email to the members of the space on an inbound doc. So, now everyone gets 5 emails everytime someone edits a document in that space because it fires the email for every temp or working file that MS Word uses in its process to save a changed file.

Here is my email template:

The following new document is available in the '${}' space:

It was added by '${}<#if> ${}</#if>' and is ready for the group to review.

You can view or edit the document at the following location:



Please let me know what I can change either in my email template script or elsewhere in Alfresco. We only work in CIFS and we are on version 2.1.