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Alfresco Deployment using alfresco bm stable jar

Question asked by velrajan on Mar 6, 2009
In our organization we are maintaining content by using alfresco labs content management service. In previous version of alfresco ( alfresco 3c labs), we are injecting custom development AMP file to alfresco war using alfresco-mmt-XXX.jar with the following command:
  java -jar alfresco-mmt-XXX.jar install alfresco-custom-development-service.amp  {alfresco-home}/tomcat/webapps/alfresco.war -force -verbose
But latest version of alfresco 3 stable , i used the alfresco-bm-3Stable.jar and inject my amp file to alfresco war file by using same command previously specified.
But in the alfresco 3 stable version they changed the inject information . When I inject the amp i got the jar usage information like this:

  java -jar …  –username=<username> –password=<password> –config=<config file> 

can anyone give suggest me for what <config file>? what information i need to specify in this config file? any wiki page for alfresco 3 stable amp file deployment using alfresco bm stable jar?