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Adhoc : bpm_priority fails / error ?

Question asked by jayjayecl on Mar 6, 2009
Alfresco E 3.0SP1
Adhoc Workflow (non modified)

You run an Adhoc process, and select a value for the bpm:priority during the first step : submitAdhocTask
At the last step (completedAdhocTask), the bpm:priority value (which is displayed in read-only mode) will be 3, whatever you chose.

Moreover, I find it hard to understand which properties / variables / data are kept through the process, and which ones are only bound to the step/task.

For example, If I just edit the web-client-config-properties.xml in order to display the "bpm:comment" variable in the form of this last task "completedAdhocTask", it will not display the comment that was entered in the second step/task "adhocTask", but an empty field.

Then, why is the bpm:description value spread through the process, and not the bpm:comment value ?

Thank you all