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getChildAssocs(): correct usage?

Question asked by hbf on Dec 10, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2008 by hbf

I have a child-association

<child-association name="my:myassoc">
<!– … –>

and, given a node nodeRef, I want to get its children with respect to this association.

Which one is correct, (a) or (b)?

qname= new QName(/* … */, "myassoc");
List<ChildAssociationRef> lista = session.nodeService.getChildAssocs(nodeRef, qname, RegexQNamePattern.MATCH_ALL); // (a)
List<ChildAssociationRef> listb = session.nodeService.getChildAssocs(nodeRef, RegexQNamePattern.MATCH_ALL, qname); // (b)

From the API documentation it is not clear to me, what the second and third parameter are. Could somebody explain this?