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Assign Group to new users

Question asked by mannobug on Mar 6, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2009 by mannobug
Hi all that's my first time in alfresco forum :-) nice to meet you.
I just start to use Community Labs 3.0 for testing the ALfresco environment and merge it with my application.
My architecture is composed of a server machine that run a web application that needs to communicate with another server where i would like to install alfresco for document managent. In my web application (is written using google gwt) at the server side i'd like to communicate with alfresco to add new spaces, user to retrive content and to manage group role and permission.
I search in wiki and forum and "maybe" i've read that with web services is not possible to manage group, a very important feature for me…
In the SDK example of alfresco other API are refered to embedded alfresco system and offer more than webservices, but i really don't uderstand all the things.
Again, i've look that it's possible to comunicate via Jaascript but i would like to mantain all alfresco computation on server side because client really doesn't need to use alfreco.
Can someone help me to decide wich is the best way to communicate in this scenario? Which are the best solution? What kind of API i need to use?
Man, many thanks to everybody. :-)