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processimage and java classes using <bean>

Question asked by msacchetti on Mar 6, 2009
Hi all,

Which is the correct way to include java classes and processimage using <bean> syntax to deploy workflows?

the typical exampel is:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <bean id="lifecycle.workflowBootstrap" parent="workflowDeployer">
      <property name="workflowDefinitions">
               <prop key="engineId">jbpm</prop>
               <prop key="location">alfresco/extension/lifecycle_processdefinition.xml</prop>
               <prop key="mimetype">text/xml</prop>
               <prop key="redeploy">false</prop>
      <property name="models">
      <property name="labels">

but I could'n find any hint about java classes (for action/decision handlers) and processimages.

I know that jBPM desinger can deploy it directly from eclipse (I did it up to now) but i wanted to put all my definition iside a jar files so i need a bean context file (I suppose )

any help would be appreciated.. :-)