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[SOLVED] About Repository Archiecture and AIX support

Question asked by dao on Mar 6, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2009 by dao
Hi everyone,
I have three questions about Alfresco 3.0 (and Alfresco in general).

1-  I'd like to know weather Alfresco 3.0 and 2.2 can run on AIX  server (in particular AIX 2.5). I don't see it in the supported stacks page while I can read on this forum people who try to run previous releases (alfresco 1.4 for example) on AIX. So, I wonder if it's really possible and stable to do so or if it's totally inadvisable.

2-  According to this page ,the Application Server includes the Alfresco Applications and the Repository, so some how Presentation Tier and Business Tier are not separated.
Is it possible to deploy Alfresco (3.0) by separating those two tiers in order to build a "pure" 3-Tier architecture for security matters ? It's a very important point in my company (I mean, have an application in which the three tiers are deployed on three different servers).

3- I saw that an 3.0 SP2 release is planed (a release which supports Websphere 6) and I'd like to know when it'll be available. Someone Knows ?

Thanks for your answers,