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Alfresco Engineers ..Please have a look at this

Question asked by ayushjohari on Dec 11, 2007
I would like to know if there is a way of limiting the number of tries a user can try to login to alfresco through the webclient. I have looked through the forums and do not find a suitable solution.

Basically, I want to end the session for the user if the login tries exceed a certain number. How can i modify the config files to do the certain action?

As in the current alfresco setup, a user can try unlimited times to login through the web client. I want to limit this by locking the user to login for a certain period.

We are using Alfresco 1.4 community version.

I need to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Basically allow the users to enter their credentials just 5 times or higher and if exceeded their account can be locked for some period.

Another way if i can know is to monitor the users trying to login to alfresco and track any failed authentication with the username data. And auditing can only track through the web client.