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Importing subgroups from Active Directory

Question asked by claudio.martins on Dec 12, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2007 by claudio.martins
Hi all,

i'm installing Alfresco 2.1 Community Edition, and I have successfully integrated with NTLM and LDAP for Import of users and groups.

I noticed that Alfresco is not showing the subgroups imported from Active Directory, but it is recognizing it as a subgroup as I can see on the log file:

16:26:24,651 DEBUG [authentication.ldap.LDAPGroupExportSource] Linking GROUP_Project_TESTE
16:26:24,651 DEBUG [authentication.ldap.LDAPGroupExportSource] … CN=CONTROL_Infra,CN=Users,DC=concrete,DC=com
16:26:24,654 DEBUG [authentication.ldap.LDAPPersonExportSource] Adding user for luiz.ribeiro
16:26:24,657 DEBUG [authentication.ldap.LDAPGroupExportSource] … is sub group
16:26:24,658 DEBUG [authentication.ldap.LDAPGroupExportSource] …       Primary created from GROUP_Project_TESTE to GROUP_CONTROL_Infra

I searched over Alfresco's Jira, and I found that this might be an issue discovered since 1.4:

Is there any configuration possible that would make Alfresco work with imported subgroups?

Thanks in advance,

Claudio Martins