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contentStoreCleaner configuration

Question asked by itayh on Mar 9, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2009 by derek

We are using our own backup and snapshots for the repository, so we have the next configuration in content-services-context.xml:
   <bean id="contentStoreCleaner" class="org.alfresco.repo.content.cleanup.ContentStoreCleaner" >
      <property name="dictionaryService">
         <ref bean="dictionaryService" />
      <property name="nodeDaoService" >
         <ref bean="nodeDaoService" />
      <property name="avmNodeDAO">
            <ref bean="avmNodeDAO"/>
      <property name="transactionService" >
         <ref bean="transactionService" />
      <property name="protectDays" >
      <property name="stores" >
            <ref bean="fileContentStore" />

When we delete files using nodeService.deleteNode, we can not find them in the web client but in the file system I still see the UUID.bin files (even after a week). When quring the alf_node table in the DB I see no column with the specific UUID. We are using 2.1 version.
Are we doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance,