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Classifying documents and setting up content types

Question asked by martink1 on Dec 12, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2007 by rivarola
I'm new to Alfresco and have just successfully installed the test system. Now I would like to try to start creating documents within it!
Before charging in though, I'm trying to understand how you go about configuring two fundamental aspects of a DMS: the classification schema (taxonomy) and the content types. I'm perplexed because although I am logged in as Administrator, I cannot see any interface to do this.

Although I am new to Alfresco, I am very familiar with Drupal (an excellent PHP-based CMS) and its powerful but simple taxonomy system. I am also fairly familiar with PHP, but not with Java.

"Spaces" do not seem to be adequate for the purpose of classification, since as I understand it a document cannot be in several spaces at once (and of course if you want to classify a document, the chances are that you will want to classify it in several ways).

As far as content types are concerned, I want to be able to set up several types of document, some of which would be defined as HTML content with multiple fields.

Looking through the forums and the wikis, it seems that the classification schema and the content types can only be set up by modifying XML configuration files. Is this indeed the case?

With thanks for any clarification, MK