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Install WCM with Alfresco 3.0?

Question asked by jwang on Mar 9, 2009

I installed the Tomcat bundle of Alfresco Enterprise Content Management 3.0.1on my Mac and had it running successfully.  I also downloaded the WCM 2.2 as recommended on its download page, and unzipped it to the Alfresco home directory, and copy the wcm-bootstrap-context.xml to the extension directory as the documentation suggested.  When I restart the server, however, I got errors, and the log file shows:

10:56:14,720 ERROR [org.alfresco.repo.admin.patch.PatchExecuter] Validation of patch 'patch.wcmFolders' failed. Patch is applicable to a newer schema than the schema of this build (501).

The installation guide says I should download alfresco-enterprise-wcm-3.0.tar.gz, but I cannot find this on the download site.

Any help is greatly appreciated.