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Problem with OneNote

Question asked by funkmenera on Mar 9, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2009 by decolnets
Hi @ all !

Well, i guess my problem is unsolvable as Alfresco supports the Office documents but not OneNote ( IFilter or sth. ? ).

Anyway, here are my observations using OneNote and Alfresco

When i create a new shared notebook on the sharepoint server the initial filetransfer is succesfull.
So, the files are created if the newly created notebook is a non empty one.
But reading/synchronising the files fails - that's why i'm confused  :?

And trying to create a notebook on the webdav fails completly.

Therefore i wanna know if it's possible to use the abilities of Alfresco to sync OneNote files ?
Or if i have to take another way (NetworkShare - SMBFS/CIFS) for syncing OneNote Files…
as i read somewhere on the web, the performance is better with network shares than with sharepoint. So this might be the way to do it.