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Is it safe to turn off the index backup scheduled task?

Question asked by kumbach on Dec 13, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2007 by kumbach
Our Alfresco files and database are currently backed up nightly.

At 3am this schedule job runs within Alfresco: indexBackupJobDetail. As far as I am aware, all this job does is copy the lucene indexes directory to a backup directory.

In the event we have database or file system problems, we will revert to a system backup and I don't foresee rebuilding the indexes manually.

Is this backup job necessary considering we have a full system backup to revert to? Is it safe to turn off this task?

The reason I want to turn it off is to free up some time in the evening for other tasks to run against Alfresco. When the index backup job is running, the repository is unavailable for updates.