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Problem to assign a task to multiple users.

Question asked by fbehfar on Dec 13, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2007 by fbehfar
I want to assign a task to multiple user, in my own workflow. I'm trying to do it with the 'wiki sample2' by changing




in the 'Lifecycle_processdefintion.xml' file, but nothing happend. Should I change something else in another file?
or it's better to say, where is the UI configuration of 'LifecycleModel', there is nothing about lifecycle model in the 'web-client-config-custom.xml' file, so how does it understand, which properties to show and in what orders, there is no

<config evaluator="node-type" condition="wf:submitAdhocTask" replace="true"> 
      <separator name="sep1" display-label-id="general" component-generator="HeaderSeparatorGenerator" />
      <show-property name="bpm:workflowDescription" component-generator="TextAreaGenerator" />
      <show-property name="bpm:workflowPriority" />
      <show-property name="bpm:workflowDueDate" />
      <show-property name="wf:notifyMe" />
      <separator name="sep2" display-label-id="users_and_roles" component-generator="HeaderSeparatorGenerator" />
      <show-association name="bpm:assignee" />

such a thing for ifecycle workflow in any files!!!
how can I customise it?

my main question is how can I assign a task to multiple users, and in which files should I make changes?
I have changed all the bpm_asignee to bpm_asignees but, nothing happend.
Would anybody help me? It's making me crazy for about 2 weeks.