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Working copies and ordering

Question asked by ejoch on Mar 10, 2009

I'm a new user of Alfresco 3. I am editing content through the web client, and accessing it through the web services API. I have two problems with access and display of documents and I'm not sure what the recommended solution would be, looking through the available documentation.
The document structure I have is a simple one - a top level space, with one level of sub-spaces, each containing documents. My web application is displaying this tree structure using 'queryChildren' from the repository service.

i) When I do 'edit online', the 'working copy' is being picked up by 'queryChildren' as well as the real copy. How can I avoid this?

ii) How is document ordering accomplished? For example, if I create 3 documents in a space, and later wish to change the order they appear, how can I do that?

any advice appreciated.