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WARNING - deployment receiver is DANGEROUS

Question asked by ftoth on Dec 13, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2009 by mrogers
Hi again,

Not one response from Alfresco on my previous post, eh?

I know a little bit more about this now. It's completely repeatable, and has
to do with, apparently, only the initial deploy to a "fresh" deployment receiver.

Be very cautious when you define the value for "root" in the targetData
property. It should be a completely empty directory, except for a
single sub-directory named "ROOT". If you have any files in either the
target directory or in the ROOT subdirectory that are not managed by
alfresco, the deployment receiver will remove them for you on the first

It seems that the first deployment is the key. The deployment receiver must
establish some sort of base-line from that first run. Afterwards, you can
add non-Alfresco stuff and it won't be deleted.

At least as far as I know. I wish I could be sure of this last point.

What happened to me:

My web site's root was "/usr/www/ROOT". As I mentioned before, I am
using Alfresco for only a small subset of the site. So /usr/www was
filled with lots of stuff, as was, of course, /usr/www/ROOT.

I set "target" to "/usr/www".

I created a single folder with 2 files in Alfresco and did a deploy.

The files deployed nicely. And the deployment receiver deleted
everything in /usr/www and in /usr/www/ROOT except for the newly
deployed files.

I'd call this a very dangerous bug!