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Modify and manage the workflow submit direct process

Question asked by f.gandini on Mar 10, 2009
Hi all,
we are working on Alfresco 2.2 Enterprise SP3 trying to modify the default WCM submitdirect_processdefinition.
We have to add to this workflow some automatic functionalities that work on the avm repository using alfresco services.
Our modified workflow will not have user interaction.

We didn't fully understood Alfresco/JBPM behaviour with exceptions and transactions management at low level (i.e: AVM repository/database operations).
We noticed that if we don't manage the exception the transaction is correctly rolled back but the workflow die; if we manage the exception we have no way to tell to JBPM that the current transaction has to be rolled back.
Please, can anyone try to explain us?

Another important focus for us is that we have to execute our custom operations in the workflow if the 'submitted' task-node has been executed without errors.
This custom operations have to be taken only after the submit transaction has been completed; so we need a way to instruct jbpm to commit the current transaction at some point in the workflow and let the next submit jbpm job start before performing our customs operations.

Please, can anyone help us to find the best way to implement these operations?

Many thanks.