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configure alfresco war for mysql

Question asked by edfialk on Dec 14, 2007
Hello all, I'm trying to deploy Alfresco into Liferay and only having problems with alfresco's content.  I can see the alfresco portlet, but when I click 'open', all I can ever see is a 404 page with /alfresco/ resource not available.

I'm thinking this was because my alfresco database was not being populated correctly, but I started up an alfresco install and ran the sql scripts so now I've got lots of alf_, avm_, jbpm_ tables in the alfresco database for mysql.  Unfortunately, though, I still don't think the Alfresco war is seeing all this new content.

Looking through my alfresco war, all I can see related to databases is the create/upgrade folders in WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/dbscripts. 
The two folders there are org.hibernate.dialect.Dialect and org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLInnoDBDialect.

Maybe I'm completely off base, so if anyone has any other ideas for a 404 /alfresco/ resource not available error inside Liferay 4.3, I would be all ears, but if anyone happens to know how to tell a deployable alfresco war to read from the alfresco database in MySQL, that would truly be awesome.

Any and all help is appreciated.