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Alfresco 29B - Bugs founded and Recomendation

Question asked by orion on Dec 16, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2007 by mikeh
Good day community,

Yesterday I post a reply at the Announces of 29B Topic with some bugs that we found making the tests to Alfresco Community 29B before upgrade our server. We post that reply only for share our information with the community and today we found that this Announce was locked. I really sorry if our reply was the cause for that action.

The bugs was reported to Jira AWC 1746 and AWC 1747, you will found the images and all information about test, Client Platform and Server Platform and a detailed description.

MikeH has reason with the concerns about the lack of information of some posts that do not have enought information in order to replicate the possible problems and we will accept his recomendations about post a reply or create a topic at this forum.

Our experience with Alfresco Community can be qualified like excellent. Meets our company requirements in a 100% and even more. We use Alfreco for Document and Image Management, Simple Workflows and ISO and OSHAS document, records and formats and our Legislation requirements. Our staff structure was improved in order to adopt Alfresco: IT Staff for installation, channel and platform security, maintenance and continuity, DM and Quality Staff for model structuration, implementation, improvements and solutions for End User and/or Process requirements and e-Learning support for our end users, Development Staff for our customizations (scripts, workflows, web scripts, templates,etc).

The best of the adoption of Alfresco has been that our company is thinking again, our users found every day new uses for Alfresco and our customers recognize our interest into collaborate and share information wit them.

But this means too that we have much more interrogations and information to share with the community. I think that the structure for the forum can be improved. At this moment we found Forums for all versions. The changes from 1.4 to 29B on by example for Web Client are big. ¿Why not to create a Forum Alfresco Web Client and the other forums for each specific version? We think that this approach can help the community to be more specific when made his searchs and create topics and the Alfresco Team will found with more precision the issues that the community found at the tech level and end user level.

Yes, we found solutions for 1.4 when we are looking for 2.1.

The real challenge for our Alfresco Community is to give answers to the community and each of us must offer the best information to others.

We will follow the recomendations maded by MikeH in his answer and from now we will create topics or reply`s only after create the Jira Issues and we will explore more deep the issues, in order to share solutions and experiences. Our posts will give all the information about the issue or the solution. Lesson Learned.


Orion Team