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Choose only one Custom Aspect in the Advanced Search

Question asked by ctraversa on Dec 16, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2008 by pjcaracuel

I created two different Spaces. Let's call them Space A and Space B.

I created two different custom Aspects. Let's call them Aspect A and Aspect B

In the Aspect A I add the property
Property Type = text
Property Name = AspectA
Property Label = Aspect A

In the Aspect B I add the property
Property Type = text
Property Name = AspectB
Property Label = Aspect B

I customized the web client in order to list the two Aspects in the Business Rules

I applied the Custom Aspect A to the Space A and the Custom Aspect B to the Space B by business rules

Now, in order to search on these two properties, I added to the web-client-config-custom.xml the following code:
<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Advanced Search">
         <meta-data aspect="custom:_AspectA" property="custom:AspectA" />
         <meta-data aspect="custom:_AspectB" property="custom:AspectB" />          

The problem is that in this way the properties are mixed all together but I need to keep the properties of an Aspect separated from properties of all other Aspects.

In other words is it possible to have a drop down list showing (or similar i.e. different links) Aspect A and Aspect B and according to the chosen value display only the related properties?

In this way if I choose Aspect A only the property "Aspect A" is shown and the search is done only on it.
If I choose Aspect B only the property Aspect B is shown and the search is done only on it.

If a such way to work isn't posssible, would it be possible to have at least more then one Additional options block?
What I have in mind is to have under "More search options" section of "Advanced Search", two or more "Additional options".
So according to my case, under "More search options" section we would have, instead of only one section "Additional options":
Aspect A block with the property Aspect A for searching
Aspect B block with the property Aspect B for searching
I could open Aspect block A or B according to what I need to Search.

If also this way to work isn't possible, any suggestion on how to solve this problem would be appreciated.

Of course labels wouldn't be enough.

Thanks in advance,