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Permission over Spaces

Question asked by mannobug on Mar 11, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2009 by mannobug
Hi all :-) I'm really in trouble about permission and roles.
Log in using "admin" account i create a space in company home called "retailer" with no permission. After that i create an user "test" which have is home called "test" in "retailer" space. So when i manage space user of retailer/test i discovered that my user test has all permission. Ok this is by default, at this point i change permission from "All" to "Consumer". At this point i immagine that when i log in in alfresco with "test" account, although the space "test" is owned by "test" user, my permission over this space are read only. In fact is not in this way, user "test" can do everything.
How can i set correct permission to prevent this???  :shock:
Thanks a lot.